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Chapter 1:School

Everything in California has changed a bit, there are more gang bangers, more thieves, more rapists, more thugs, and more Hollywood actors/actresses. But in San Francisco it's more calm, clean, quiet, and it has a beautiful scenery of the city. Everything has singing, dancing clubs, guitar shops, bars, mansions and a nice park. Meanwhile there was a bright white huge new mansion, there were 4 teenagers who lives in that mansion, there were 2 boys and 2 girls, but their parents died when they were young.  But lucky they have a butler who is like a father to them. A man had darkish blonde hair in his mid 40's, he has green eyes, he is in a black butler suite, and wore black shoes. His name was Sebastian James Andrews. When he began cleaning a girl with darkish brown long layered  hair comes downstairs she has hazel eyes, has a nose piercing wearing a black, gray, white and a little trim of pink plaid dress that stops at her knees, wearing a pink pearl necklace and a hello kitty necklace, and has black open flat dress shoes, and she was wearing a silver heart tiara. Her name is Rosalina Lynn Thompson, she is a 17 year old girl she is a junior in high school. Rosalina looked very stunning and beautiful, she looked at the butler.
" Good Morning Sebastian." She smiled.
" Good morning miss Thompson, we have everything ready for you. Will there be anything else?" He said with a British accent. Rosalina shook her head.
"No thank you Sebastian. But thank you for everything." Rosalina replied with a smile on her face.
"It's my pleasure Miss Thompson. I promised to look after you and the others." He bowed in respectful. Rosalina nodded.
"Thank you Sebastian, let me get the others." She suggested. Rosalina runs up to the gigantic stairs and she shouted.
" HEY ATTICUS, GABRIEL, TORI!!!COME ON DOWN!!!" She heard a beeping sound, she took out her cell phone and it was a text message from her best friend Natasha. ' Hey gf, what's up. We should hang out after school. We have an audition today.' Rosalina replied back, she began typing on her cell phone.' Okay, and I will be there.' She sent the message and waited to get a reply from Natasha. Then Rosalina see's a male teen boy coming down stairs, he is 19 years old, he has dark black hair, his bhangs covering part of his right eye, he has brown eyes, has a piercing on his lip, he is wearing a aqua t shirt, wearing a black wrist band, wearing a studded belt, and black skinny jeans, and wearing black converse shoes. His name is Atticus Joseph Thompson, the older brother.
" Hey sis, and please don't shout. I got a headache from the party last night." He warned and groaned because his head hurts. Rosalina sighed.
"I warned you about going to Stacey's party. But at least your alright." She suggested with a worried look on her face. Atticus nods.
"Yeah, but at least it was fun. Wish you would have been there." He looks at her with a concerned look. Rosalina nodded.
"Yeah, but I had to practice for the auditions for school, and today is the day." Atticus remembered.
"Oh yeah that's right, I almost forgot about that. Don't worry me, Tori, and Gabriel are going to be there, even our cousins." Rosalina nodded.
" Yeah." Then a girl with long black hair comes down, her bhangs covering part of her face, she has hazel eyes, wearing two lips rings, she is wearing a blue tee shirt, wearing dark blue skinny jeans, with a black studded belt, and has black and white strip opened toed flat shoes. Her name is Tori Marie Thompson, the last born child, she is 16. Rosalina is the 3rd born child. She was half asleep. She began to stretch and yawned at the same time. She pouted and complained.
"Sis, why did you have to wake me up that early?" Rosalina sighed.
"Because we have school and it's finally spring, we have 3 months until school ends." She suggested. Tori groaned. "I hate school. But at least I'm getting good grades." She smiled. Rosalina was waiting for her 2nd brother, but he didn't come down. Rosalina was beginning to get furious, she marched right up to her brother's room, she found an air horn, and she see's him still sleeping, she pressed the button, and the sound starts to burst into his ears. The brother wakes up and screams in agony. He looks at Rosalina and shouted.
"WHY!!!" Rosalina placed her hand on her forehead like she has a headache.
"Get up lazy, we have school." Her brother has brown short hair, his bhangs covering part of his eyes, he was wearing a white tank top and black boxers. His name is Gabriel James Thompson. He is 18. The second oldest. He gets out of bed, and he stretches, he takes off his tank top showing his perfect luscious abs, Rosalina grabs a pillow and hits him with it. Gabriel groaned and ask.
"What?" Rosalina began blushing and she looked away.
"Don't strip in front of me you pervert." Gabriel began to chuckle and suggested.
"What, you don't think this body isn't eligible for you?" Rosalina sighed in anger and disapproval of his behavior.
"Shut up Gabriel. Hurry up and let's go." She leaves his room and shuts the door. Gabriel rolled his eyes.
"God…I was joking." He grabbed his black tank top, that has a red star logo in the middle, he was wearing a long chain necklace and in front was a skull, and another chain of a money symbol, wearing dark blue skinny jeans, and black shoes. He grabs his sun glasses and slides them on his face. He looked a lot like a model, then he grabs his back pack and comes downstairs, Rosalina, Tori, and Atticus are downstairs in the living room. Atticus looks at Gabriel.
"Wow, look at that, our brother is going to become a ladies man." He teased his brother. Gabriel glared at Atticus because that sounded like an insult.
"Oh shut up dude, before I put something up your ass." He threatened. Atticus chuckled.
"You don't have the guts." Tori steps in and suggested."Will you two please stop it? We are going to be late for school." Rosalina doubled check on everything to see if they were ready for school. Rosalina announced.
" Okay, listen up, after school, I want you guys to meet me in the auditorium because I need some support because I need to be in ' Singing With The Stars' So please guys, I really need you guys there. Atticus I know you have a career of being a guitar player, Gabriel you want to become a DJ player, and Tori you have a audition for the hip hop tango. Guys, we can do this." They both nodded. Rosalina turns around and tells Sebastian.
" We are leaving Sebastian, wish us luck." Sebastian opens the door for them.
"Well do Miss Thompson, and good luck." He said. The teens left the mansion, and headed straight to Atticus's corvette, they jumped in the car and drove off. About 15-20 minutes later they made it to the high school. The high school is big, Atticus parked his car in the main parking lot. He turns off the engine, they get out of the car, Rosalina spotted a boy with brown hair with blonde highlights, bhangs covering part of his face, but he has blue eyes, he is wearing a white shirt with grey sleeves that starts to his shoulders down to his elbow, wearing black skinny jeans, and black converse shoes, his name is Brenton Matthews he is 19 years old, he is the biggest player in the whole entire school district, he spotted Rosalina and Tori, he licked his lips seductively and he said to himself.
"Time for some fun with the Thompson girls." He smirked. He goes up to the 2 Thompson sisters and he leaned against Atticus's car and began to act all cool and seductive." Hey there good looking. You want to ditch and have some fun?" Rosalina rolled her eyes.
" Look Brenton. We are not stupid, we are not you little booty call. Besides, you have Natalie, would it just kill you to leave us alone." She explained with an anger look. Brenton places his hand on Rosalina's cheek.
"Come on sweetie. I'm desperate for you. I need you." He has his hand on her waist, slowly moving down to cup her ass, Rosalina growled and she kicked him in the groin, he groaned in pain and he kneel down to the ground, he looked at her with a glare and said.
"You are going to pay for that, you little bitch." He stands up and ignores the pain. He goes up to Tori, grabbing her waist, feeling her up. Tori was a little scared, but she couldn't move her hands to punch him. Rosalina gets more pissed, she grabbed Brenton by the shoulder and punched him hard in the face, Brenton almost fell on the floor, but he kept his balance. Rosalina threatened him with a deep voice.
"You go anywhere near my sister like that again, I will chop off your balls and shove them down your throat. Now leave before I hurt you more you disgusting player." Brenton growls, he was furious and he decided to leave. Rosalina looked at Tori with a worried look."Are you okay Tori?" Tori nodded.
"Yeah. I'm okay. Thank you sis." She hugs Rosalina, Rosalina hugs her back with an embrace a warm hug. Atticus and Gabriel looked shocked in what they just saw. But lucky they were proud of Rosalina for what she did.While she was hugging Tori, she heard a familiar female cocky voice, Rosalina was half mad,and concerned about what this girl want."So…you here to plan on picking on my family or trying to get your way with my brothers? Am I right…Natalie?" The girl had long blonde hair, wearing a pink plaid headband, has green eyes, wearing a heart diamond necklace with wings in between the heart diamond, also has her nose pierced and her upper lip pierced, wearing a black t shirt that shows her cleavage a little but luckily she has a white tank top underneath the black shirt, has a short ruffled dark grey skirt, wearing black flat dress shoes. She is the same age as Rosalina.  Natalie had a smirk on her face.
"Hmm everyday you get it right." Rosalina rolled her eyes. She lets go of Tori and she faced toward Natalie, Natalie asked with a cocky smile." Don't plan on showing up to that audition. Because I will win and make your life suffer." Rosalina had some anger in her eyes.
"Your not in charge of the auditions, so back off bitch. I will not lose to you, I made that vow since 3rd grade. You have beaten me 4 times and I beaten you 4 times too.I will not be tolerated by a selfish greedy girl like you to tell me to back off." Natalie growled.
"Will see about that? See you there." She walks away and Rosalina gets pissed.
"I will not lose to that bitch." Atticus and Gabriel try to calm her down.
"Relax Rosalina, you can beat her. I know you can." Atticus said with a calming sweet voice. Rosalina smiled." Thank you Atticus. Come on guys." They walked in the school and letting the time go by fast.
Here is my emo love story. Please read and then comment. Oh and I don't own the pics by the way, they are just the characters in what they look like.

Me: as Rosalina Lynn Thompson :icondeidaraxjenika:

Shiori: as Tori Marie Thompson :iconshiorixakegato:
ShiorixAkegato Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O.O That was Scary for Tori.-shiver-
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i know but wat did u really think
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